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What You can Expect of Me

As my client you can expect:

  • My best effort in the pursuit of excellence--not specifically perfection.

  • Respect for your time.

  • Respect for your budget.

  • Estimates that reflect realist effort, and timely alerts when those estimates change.

  • Deliveries that meet the agreed-upon schedule.

  • Quality research,  writing and production.

  • Respect for your decisions--even if they're against my advice.

  • An itemized invoice that accurately reflects the work done and the value received.

What I Expect of My Clients

In return, I expect from you:

  • A mutual desire for excellence.

  • Respect for my time.

  • Timely, two-way communication.

  • Your best effort to meet the agreed-upon schedule with reviews and feedback.

  • Prompt payment of submitted invoices.

If you're tired of not getting what you expect from a communications company, it's time that you contact me.

It takes a very special relationship to mold communications for another person or organization. There must be an equal desire for excellence, accuracy and value. That's why I won't take just anyone as a client. Here are a few things to expect as a Bear In Mind client.

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